acid-base cabinets

Acid and Base Cabinets

The cabinets for acids, bases and solvents are designed in accordance with standard EN-14727, so they are produced in melamine-coated chipboard or entirely in polypropylene.

Cabinet construction free of joints, openings and crevices for easy washing and disinfection.

Construction in melamine wood or polypropylene sheet, free of metallic components, for high resistance to chemical corrosion.

Drawers and runners made of polypropylene with high load capacity.
Hinges, locks and handles made of chemical resistant plastic.

Hermetic air chamber, installed on the back of the cabinet for exhaustion of the interior compartments. Powder-coated epoxy-polyester steel plinth with 4 polyamide levelers to compensate for surface irregularities.

Ventilated cabinet with two compartments for acids and bases.

Acid and Base Cabinet designed to install under the countertop of a Hotte


Ventilated cabinet with two independent compartments for acids and bases.

Ventilated cabinet with a compartment for acids and bases.

Acid and Base Cabinet designed to install under the countertop of a Hotte

Cabinets for Acids and Bases

Cabinets for storing acids and bases chemicals. Technical security cabinets with independent extraction with 10 renewals every hour. With two different typologies; base for placement under the Fume Hood and tall for storage areas.

In this sense, Industrial Laborum designed furniture for acids and bases, with several standard dimensions, maximizing the work area: they serve as support for the Fume Hoods and for the storage of permanent use material.

acid-base cabinets
Laborum Industrial Catalog - Cabinets Acids and Bases

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