Laboratory benches

As specialists in laboratory furniture, we use our four decades of knowledge to develop laboratory benches that adapt to the needs of our customers, in the most diverse areas. From the purpose of the laboratory, its size to the characteristics of its users, at ILI we take into account a huge variety of criteria in the laboratory benches we develop.

Laboratory benches that adapt to each workplace

The flexibility of a laboratory is understood as a flexible structure, whose units allow mobility, reconfiguration and adaptability, while maintaining formal coherence, in a metric system. With this objective in mind, ILI develops its lines of benches, along with a rational standardization, to more easily adapt according to the specialty and purpose of the laboratory.

Laboratory benches are usually composed of a support system, a work surface, storage modules (lower and upper furniture, shelf elevations with available services, sinks, washing modules, etc.) and complemented with service systems, accessories and auxiliary equipment.

A support system, a new line

What defines each line of ILI benches is the support option, establishing 7 distinct lines. Click on each one to learn more. 

L1 C-Frame
The line of benches with C-structure is a highly configurable modular system, allowing the diversity and flexibility of solutions, according to the usage needs and the available installation space.

The modules are made up of initial, additional and corner elements, thus making the bench structures more versatile and cleaner, as they allow central and wall configurations, without repetition of legs on the laboratory benches.

The initial structures consist of two support legs, they are independent and self-supporting.
L2 Top over furniture
The line of worktops on furniture is a structurally sound solution that, despite being restricted in terms of flexibility and mobility, in a simple and functional way, responds to a diversified and demanding use.

It is the technical solution developed to complement the remaining lines, when combined in the same space.
L3 A-Frame
The A-frame benches line is a modular system, developed, above all, to respond to the needs of (re)configuration of a space: it is an extremely light and flexible solution.

On the other hand, it does not admit intensive use.
L4 O-Frame
The O-Frame bench line is a modular system, designed specifically for when aesthetics are of primary concern.

In a light and flexible structure, it is integrated in non-intensive, diversified and flexible conditions of use.
L5 Closed Structure
The line of benches with a structure called closed, is characterized by the same principle of the structural system of the structure in C.

This result combines strength and aesthetic concerns: with the modular construction of the C-modules, the countertops are finished off with a closed top panel, so that a more aesthetically appealing countertop can be visually read.
L6 Special Structures
The special structures, reinforced and rotated, are based on the constructive principle of the A-frame modules.

These technical solutions were specially designed for situations where strength, mobility and versatility are the main needs, namely in support, storage and transport of (heavy) equipment and materials.
L8 Adjustable Structure
The adjustable bench is the result of a partnership with American labplanners to create a flexible and adjustable solution for a new laboratory concept. Developed for the pharmaceutical industry, it is a bench that provides the flexibility needed for installation in ever-changing laboratories.

This solution features 6 different configurations that can be easily changed, ensuring existing laboratory needs. The entire structure is supported by casters with levelers, which ensure a level and stable work surface and, if necessary, the casters provide flexibility to change the organizational layout of the laboratory.

Metal structure resistant to all levels.

The metallic structural unit is demountable, modular and self-supporting, admitting an initial module and an additional one. This logic allows the union of different units to form central or wall benches, with two heights and a wide range of lengths. The additional structure has the added value of not duplicating the legs, making the set not only more economical, but also lighter, without interfering with the versatility and stability of the furniture arrangement. As an aesthetic and functional option, the countertops can be equipped with back panels, pipe cover panels and end panels.

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