After-sales service and maintenance



Industrial Laborum guarantees, under the terms of Decree-Law No. 67 / 03 of 8 of April of 2003, its product, against any defect of manufacture, for two years, under the following conditions:
- The validity of this guarantee starts on the date of acceptance of the equipment.
- This warranty covers replacement of defective components and parts as well as labor necessary to restore the equipment to its proper functioning.
- The repair or replacement of parts during the warranty period, can in no case, give rise to the extension of warranty.

Warranty Exclusions:

The warranty does not cover damages and expenses caused by:
- Do not follow the instructions for use, as well as for insufficient or incorrect maintenance.
- Electrical overload, improper pressure of water or gas, or abnormal checks, misuse and experiences, as well as indirectly caused or as a consequence of other damages or indirect actions.
- Neglect, destruction or misuse.
- Negligence in use.
- Natural wear.

Cancellation of Warranty:

The product warranty will be invalidated:
-? If there are damages caused by replacements, alterations or repairs of parts made by the buyer or by third parties without prior written authorization given by INDUSTRIAL LABORUM IBÉRICA.
- By manipulation of this guarantee or acceptance self.


(outside the warranty conditions)

2.1. services

Technical assistance can be requested by the customer, directly to our commercial services. The customer must send to the commercial services of Industrial Laborum a written document containing:
- Name of the requesting company;
- Name of person requesting;
- Identification of the requested service;
- Place where the service will be performed;
- Name of the person to be contacted;
- Degree of urgency.

Industrial Laborum guarantees the technical assistance within a maximum period of 48 hours from the date of receipt of the request. In cases, with maximum degree of urgency, Industrial Laborum guarantees the presence of a technician in 24 hours. In the case of situations capable of endangering goods and persons, Industrial Laborum immediately moves a technical team.

The conditions for the provision of technical assistance services are as follows:
• Technical / hour - 50 € * (Fifty euros)
• Technical / hour - 60 € ** (Sixty euros)
• Technical / hour - 75 € *** (Seventy-five euros)
• Displacement - 0.6 € / km - The amount to be debited will be calculated considering the distance between the intervention site and the Industrial Laborum facilities in Albergaria-a-Velha.
*** Normal hours - between 8 and 17 hours
*** Overtime - between 17 and 24 hours - 2 to 6 Fair
*** Overtime - Saturday

In the situations in which the intervention implies the permanence of the team for more than one day, will be charged expenses of stay:
• Accommodation 40 € / day / technical
• Meal - 15 € / day / technician
The cost of the parts to be replaced, if applicable, will be added to the above mentioned conditions, always with the prior approval of the customer.

Payment Conditions

Payment is made against invoice issued after completion of work, except for customers with other conditions already agreed.

2.2. Parts and Components

With regard to the requisition of parts and / or components, the client must send to the commercial services a written document containing:
- Name of the requesting company;
- Name of person requesting;
- Article number and designation;
- Place where the article will be delivered;
- Name of the person to be contacted.

Non-urgent orders will be delivered within a maximum period of 2 weeks, unless stock is broken. Shipping costs are included in the item price.

The orders of urgency will be delivered within a maximum period of 24 / 72 hours, unless stock breach. For parts weighing more than 10 kg, transportation costs will be charged.


All materials will be shipped by land transport with door-to-door transport characteristics. Upon request of the client, the transport can be carried out by another process, being the responsibility of the customer to contact the respective service.

Payment Conditions

Payment is made against delivery of the material, except for customers with other conditions previously agreed upon.