We appreciate the confidence placed in our brand when choosing an Industrial Laborum Ibérica equipment. Your equipment has been designed and produced in accordance with the applicable standards to provide you with the necessary safety conditions.

At Industrial Laborum Ibérica, we are committed to developing solutions capable of providing reliability in our equipment.

The warranty against any functional defect of manufacture is 730 days under the following conditions:

• The validity of this guarantee starts on the date of signature of the vehicle's receipt;

• This warranty covers replacement of defective components and parts as well as labor necessary to restore the equipment to its proper functioning;

• The repair or replacement of parts during the warranty period can under no circumstances lead to an extended warranty.


The warranty does not cover damages and expenses caused by:

- Failure to observe the instructions for use, as well as insufficient or incorrect maintenance;

- Electrical overload, improper pressure of water or gas, or abnormal checks, misuse and experiences, as well as indirectly caused or as a consequence of other damages or indirect actions;

- Neglect, destruction or misuse;

- Negligence in use;

- Natural wear.


- If there are damages caused by substitutions, alterations or repairs of parts made by the buyer or by third parties without previous written authorization given by INDUSTRIAL LABORUM IBÉRICA;

- By manipulation of this guarantee or self-receipt.