In Industrial Laborum Ibérica's hospital furniture line, hospital benches are composed of modular upper and / or lower units, allowing for various configurations, depending on the fronts, supports and complements.

Each lower module that makes up these hospital benches consists of a piece of furniture based on a support with the possibility of integration in different work surfaces (worktops). The fronts can have the following configurations:
- Base sink cabinet with 1 or 2 hinged door(s);
- Base cabinet with 1 or 2 hinged door(s) and 1 shelf;
- Base cabinet with 1 drawer, 1 hinged door and 1 shelf;
– Base cabinet with 2 drawers, 2 hinged doors and 1 shelf;
- Base cabinets with 5 drawers;
- Base filling cabinet with 2 shelves.

Industrial Laborum Ibérica also integrates specific solutions enabling more complete and functional hospital benches, namely:
- Stainless steel sinks ( embedded or welded);
- Stainless steel sinks units (built-in or welded);
- Sinks and bathtubs for newborns made out of acrylic resins (Corian® type);
- Hospital mixing taps;
- Hospital cold water taps;
- Nursing tables (to be integrated on cabinets);
- Nursing foldable mattress (to be placed onto the worktops);
- Other solutions by request.