Pathological Anatomy Fume hood

A fume hood model that helps control user exposure to hazardous substances during diagnostic handling through macroscopic and microscopic analysis of tissues, organs and body fluids.

The ideal fume hood to ensure maximum safety in pathological anatomy laboratory work

This premium model by Industrial Laborum Ibérica was developed for chemical and pathological anatomy laboratories in order to control exposure to gases, fumes, vapors, aerosols and other hazardous substances when users carry out laboratory work in this area.  


This is the Premium model from Industrial Laborum, of the Pathological Anatomy Fume hood developed according to the IN 14175-2: 2003 e IN 14175-3: 2003.

Appointment CE according to the directives: 2014/30 / EU (Electromagnetic compatibility) and 2014/35 / EU (low tension).

An intuitive and modern control panel

The control panel is at eye level and each section presents a feature in the performance of the pathological anatomy fume hood:

  • 1) Photoelectric cell sensor for washing the work plane;
  • 2) Electric panel;
  • 3) Electrical outlets;
  • 4) General cut-off switch;
  • 5) Lighting switch;
  • 6) Ventilation switch;
  • 7) Crusher activation button;
  • 8) Water faucet photoelectric cell sensor.
hotte-control panel
Catalog Hottes Industrial Laborum Ibérica
Pathological Anatomy Fume Hood Catalog

The Hotte Anatomia Pathológica model features 2/3 schuko type outlets (type F), 230V, IP55 protection class, a cold water valve with photoelectric cell activation and respective water jet washing system, as well as a built-in crusher . 

Standard hood comes with constant air volume (VAC), with the most simplified system of an ON/OFF button to turn the exhaust on and off, it also has a button to turn the luminaire on and off.


The Pathological Anatomy Fume cupboard has a constant air volume (VAC) system, with the most simplified system of an ON/OFF button to turn the exhaust on and off and a button to turn the luminaire on and off, which contributes to an optimization of the hood's energy consumption.

At Industrial Laborum Ibérica we produce products adapted to our customers, hence we present different types of materials that adapt to their needs. 

IndLab Fume Hood presents different materials for the different components:

 – Outer structure: stainless steel. 

 – Bench/Work surface: Stainless steel

 – Interior structure: stainless steel. 

Consisting of fan controls, electrical protection panel, lighting and crusher actuation button, photoelectric cells for actuating the tap and washing on the work surface.

The ventilation command has two flags:

Green flag – On indicates the fan is running.
Red flag – On indicates the fan is off.


It is a fume hood that can be equipped with the SCAT chemical waste collection system.

The fume hood installation site must have a magnetothermic circuit breaker to ensure that if there are other equipment connected to the differential switch, they are not without power supply in case the fume hood needs to be maintained. 

Are you looking for specific solutions for your company?

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