Washing Fume hood

A fume hood model that helps control the user's exposure to hazardous substances while washing materials or certain jobs.

The ideal fume hood for cleaning materials, reducing the risk of certain laboratory work

This model from Industrial Laborum Ibérica was developed for laboratories that want to guarantee maximum safety for their users when cleaning materials used in laboratory work.

This model from Industrial Laborum, from Hotte de Lavagem is developed according to the IN 14175-2: 2003 e IN 14175-3: 2003.

Appointment CE according to the directives: 2014/30 / EU (Electromagnetic compatibility) and 2014/35 / EU (low tension).

Greater extraction in the wash for maximum safety

This fume hood has two extraction zones: a lower area over the washing area that allows suction at the work surface, and an upper area for the removal of more volatile vapors and gases, thus contributing to greater control of the risk to the user.

The Hotte de Lavagem work area is a confined space, accessible from the front. To maintain containment inside the hood, a negative pressure is created in relation to the outside through the connection to an air extraction system.

Catalog Hottes Industrial Laborum Ibérica
Washing Fume Fume Hood Catalog

The Washing Fume hood model has the following services: a water mixer faucet and one or two sinks on the top.

Standard hood comes with constant air volume (VAC), with the most simplified system of an ON/OFF button to turn the exhaust on and off, it also has a button to turn the luminaire on and off.

The Washing Fume hood is entirely made of stainless steel for easy cleaning:

 – Upper body: stainless steel;

 – Bench/Work surface: stainless steel;

 – Bottom body: stainless steel.

It is a fume hood that can be equipped with the SCAT chemical waste collection system.

The place where the fume hood is installed must have a sewage outlet, connection to the water mains and a magnetic circuit breaker to ensure that, in the event of other equipment connected to the differential switch, they do not lose power in case of need for maintenance of the fume hood. 

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