IndLab BBX Fume hood

The Indlab BBX hood is one of the high performance models with a low work surface, ideal for high risk laboratory work that requires large equipment with a low work plan.

High performance fume hood, ideal for the use of large equipment

With a work surface at a height of 500mm, this high-performance chemical fume hood allows the handling of large equipment in laboratory work that poses a high risk to its users and the laboratory environment. 


Main feature of the IndLab BBX Fume hood

Low work surface

This fume hood was developed to ensure the ease of handling large equipment in laboratory work, being at a height of 500 mm. Furthermore, the working surface of the fume hood was developed with materials with high chemical resistance.

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BBX Fume hood Catalog

The IndLab Fume Hood model features 2/3 schuko-type outlets (type F), two cold water valves and a gas valve, as well as a drip cup fixed to the service panel or work surface.


The IndLab BBX Fume Hood has a constant air volume (VAC) system but sometimes it is necessary for the air volume to be variable, in which case a VAC system (variable air volume) can be installed, which contributes to a optimization of the energy consumption of the fume hood. 

At Industrial Laborum Ibérica we produce products adapted to our customers, hence we present different types of materials that adapt to their needs. 

IndLab BBX Fume hood has different materials for the different components:

 — Exterior structure: sheet steel or stainless steel;

 — Interior Structure: phenolic compact, polypropylene, ceramic stoneware or stainless steel. 

 — Bench: Compact phenolic, polypropylene, ceramic stoneware or stainless steel.


Controls and electrical outlets are placed on the side towers of the Indlab BBX Fume hood, and the spouts are provided in panels on the sides of the fume hood's interior.

In addition to being equipped with a VAV (variable air volume) system, in order to improve the performance of the fume hood and its energy consumption in general, the fume hood also it can be equipped with an automatic window closing system, or with the SCAT chemical waste collection system.

The fume hood installation site must have a magnetothermic circuit breaker to ensure that if there are other equipment connected to the differential switch, they are not without power supply in case the fume hood needs to be maintained.

To facilitate the use of large equipment, the work surface of IndLab BBX Fume hood is located at a height of 500mm from the floor. 

Are you looking for specific solutions for your company?

We are available to get in touch with you, as we also develop solutions for hoods other than those mentioned above. 

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