Countertop hoods

These three models of hoods were developed to respond to different needs, requiring only a bench.



Different needs on a bench

In addition to presenting different functionalities, these hoods also have different materials that give them the necessary characteristics to respond to the laboratory work in question. All they need is a bench where they must be placed, thus taking up less space than a conventional hood. 

Futte developed for laboratory work that poses a high risk to users, it is a hood made up of two distinct areas, an outer body and an inner body. The outer body supports the inner body, it is made of powder coated steel sheet with epoxy-polyester resins. It also supports the services that will be located on the sides. The inner body is the part in direct contact with chemical vapors, it is made of laminated compact. This is the premium model in the range, which also has a version with glazed sides and a central version with glazed sides, deflectors and a glass hood bottom.
Also referred to as acrylic hood, it is a hood developed for small laboratory work and with small amounts of chemicals, it is a bench hood that is divided into 4 parts. It is in the structural body that we find the levelers that allow the work surface to be always level. The hinged front window on hinges with a maximum opening of 180º. It is a very versatile countertop hood.
VWS hotte developed for small jobs and small amounts of chemicals. Built entirely from cold rolled sheet steel with a glazed window. It is a very versatile bench hood, however it does not have any possibility of integrating systems like Cairo or even services like PMMA, making it the simplest hood that Industrial Laborum presents.
Catalog Hottes Industrial Laborum Ibérica

This line of Industrial Laborum Fumehoods is developed in accordance with the norms:


IN 14175-1: 2003 – Chemistry Hottes – Part 1: Definition and Dimensions.

IN 14175-2: 2003 - Chemistry Fumehoods - Part 2: Performance and Safety Requirements.

IN 14175-3: 2003 - Chemistry Fumehoods - Part 3: Type Test Methods.

EN 13150: 2001 - Laboratory Benches - Dimensions, Safety Requirements and Test Methods.

IN 61010-1: 2001 - Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - Part 1: General requirements.

IN 61326-1: 2006 - Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use - Electromagnetic compatibility requirements - Part 1: General requirements.

Appointment CE according to the directives: 2014/30 / EU (Electromagnetic compatibility) and 2014/35 / EU (low tension).

The Hotte IndLab model features 2/3 schuko-type outlets (type F), two cold water valves and a gas valve, as well as a picket fixed to the service panel or work surface.


Hotte Cairo comes with constant air volume (VAC), however it can be equipped with VAV (variable air volume) system, which improves the performance of the hood as well as its energy consumption in general.

At Industrial Laborum Ibérica we produce products adapted to our customers and the types of laboratory projects they develop, hence we present different types of materials that adapt to their needs. 

Our range of bench hoods has different materials for the different components:

 — Cairo standard version: outer frame in sheet steel and inner frame in phenolic compact. 

 — Cairo glazed version: outer frame in sheet steel and inner frame in phenolic compact. Sides in polymethyl methacrylate, hood bottom in glass or polymethyl methacrylate and work surface in stainless steel or ceramic stoneware.

 — VWS: structure and work surface in sheet steel.




On the Cairo benchtop Hottede, the controls and technical sheets are present on the equipment's side panels.

At Hotte Cairo, in addition to the VAV (Variable Air Volume) system, the IndLab hood can be equipped with an automatic window closing system.

At Hotte PMMA it is possible 

The hood installation site must have a magnetothermic circuit breaker to ensure that if there are other equipment connected to the differential switch, they are not without power supply in case the hood needs to be maintained. 

Are you looking for specific solutions for your company?

We are available to contact you, as we also develop solutions for areas other than those mentioned above. 

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