The integration of the Airflow system into the Indlab and Indlab ENS ventilators allows up to a certain amount of the air to be extracted by the ventilator to be replaced in the same room by the same ventilator. This system is a complement to the fumehoods, but it generates differences in the structure and composition of the fumehood, so when this system is used it is considered by Industrial Laborum as a compensated fumehood differentiated from the others, for INDLAB AIRFLOW FUMEHOOD.

This fumehood is certified by TÜV Rheinland, as mentioned above, has the incorporation of a compensation air extraction system. It is understood by air insufflation compensation. This system inflates the air in the room where the fumehood is to extract, and even, the insufflation inside the fumehood to improve the extraction performance.

In this complement to the fumehood, the inflation volume is constant, but is a complement that can be changed to be a system of Variable Air Volume through conventional VAV or through ventilators with variable speed drives. This system and this fumehood remove the HVAC from the lab some effort to keep up with the conditions under which the fumehoods are operated, and which can change at any time by putting the HVAC system in some effort.

Airflow Fumehood is certified according to the IN 14175-2: 2003 e IN 14175-3: 2003 by TÜV Rheinland®.