The automatic window system is a window control system, being a window automation that allows, when combined with a VAV extraction system, a reduction in the operation costs of the fume hood, since it is no longer necessary, or after some time the window is open with high extraction rates, it automatically lowers and reduces the extraction flow rate.


This system also allows that with just a slight touch upwards or downwards, the window goes to the maximum or minimum of height respectively. All this is automatic thanks to a system that involves various sensors, user presence sensors and objects, as well as height sensors to which the window is located, central control box that compresses all readings and displays the data to the user in the controller; finally we have the engine that accomplishes all these actions. The controller allows you to parameterize the actions that you want the window to perform for different situations.


The automatic window system is something that for a laboratory, which values ​​the safety of its users and the security of the space, must take into account. It is a system that prevents human errors that can sometimes happen if, for example, leaving the window open while an experiment is happening, may contaminate the environment and putting users in danger.


The system comes with a set of sensors that allow you to recognize objects. So the system itself recognizes if the user is next to the window, this according to the system settings can allow the user to approach, the window open so that it can access. In the same way as the user walks away from the window, the window closes, for its protection and the surrounding environment and even for a reduction of extraction costs. The sensors also allow to recognize objects that are in any way obstructing the closing of the window, thus stopping the process initiated and warning of such obstruction.


The window controller is separate from the fumehood controller, but only in the standard system; in the premium system it is embedded in the controller of the fumehood. The controller has several functions, allowing you to raise and lower the window, as well as configure different heights that will be stored in the system. In addition, it has an alarm that lets you know if something is wrong with the system itself or if the maximum safety height has been exceeded in any way. The extraction system automatically goes into maximum capacity, when necessary, to maintain maximum safety for the users and the environment of laboratory rooms.