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Laboratory shelf furniture for a larger storage space with easy access.

Safe storage and organization is one of the most important requirements in a laboratory.

Storage solutions for hospitals developed by Industrial Laborum

Laboratory furniture is used for storing equipment and storing substances used in the laboratory, in accordance with the EN 14727 standard. And the best location for this is precisely close to the work surface, although space is often limited.

In this sense, Industrial Laborum designed shelving furniture, with various standard dimensions, maximizing the work area: they serve as support for benches, intended for the storage of material for permanent use or for active archive. All furniture is designed in particular, but always integrated into a modular system.

In this process, other criteria are also considered:

  • Maximum usable storage space;
  • Easy cleaning and decontamination surfaces;
  • Maximum security;
  • Greater mobility and adaptability
  • Chemical, impact and fatigue resistance;
  • Care in constructive details and finishes;
  • High structural and dimensional stability;
  • Protection and/or reinforcement of points considered fragile.
Catalog of laboratory furniture Industrial Laborum Ibérica
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