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The school is a living, evolving organism and a heterogeneous set, whether due to the need for the articulation of its different functional sectors or due to the type-morphological conditions and architectural and constructive quality of the building itself. The need to provide schools with new means to provide work environments suitable for teaching practice has allowed Industrial Laborum Ibérica, based on its vast experience in laboratory and hospital areas, to develop projects for schools.


Projects based on the principles of durability and sustainability of intervention, which include standardized solutions, resulting from the application of standard projects and recurring to series construction, but also innovative solutions, in spatial and constructive terms, in buildings with recognized heritage value.

Industrial Laborum Ibérica thus responds to the demands arising from the new educational and environmental paradigms, guaranteeing ideal conditions for the integrated functioning of schools.


Creating and providing a comfortable, functional and appropriate environment for the needs of users in healthcare spaces is what drives the configuration logic of the modular system of ILI's school furniture lines. Without compromising the characteristic functions of each type-space, the relationship between the modules allows changing and reconfiguring the workspaces, so that it: Adapts to the architectural project; Prioritize the humanization, comfort, access and safety of users; Respect circulation and workflows; Allow for adaptability and flexibility.


ILI's modular school furniture system was specifically developed for these spaces, complying with current legislation and taking into account intensive daily use. They are, therefore, essentially characterized by versatility and flexibility, free areas of work space, mobility, ease of internal order and storage, chemical and physical resistance, durability, easy maintenance and safety.
Each module represents the care and rigor of design, through the careful selection of materials and construction processes and details used, in favor of quality, safety and hygiene.



The sector that is preparing our future.

The education sector has always been one of the main focuses of Industrial Laborum Ibérica because we are aware of the impact that current generations will have on the future of the world as we know it. We work very closely with educational institutions to ensure that our range of school furniture, as well as our school equipment, meets the needs of the education sector. 

School Wall Benches
Teaching Walls
Teacher Desks
Student Desks
Storage Combs
Teaching Chemistry Fume Hood
Security Cabinets
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Industrial Laborum Ibérica is a company with 44 years of experience in the market, which seeks to bring the quality factor to all laboratories. Through customers in the most diverse areas, such as health, education and different industries, ILI has acquired know-how that allows it to create solutions for the needs or requests of its customers. We are here to develop labs for people.