Modular technical wings for supplying services in laboratories with great needs for stability, flexibility and open space vision, since it is mounted and fixed to the ceiling, the technical wing does not create obstruction to the users, always being at a reasonable height from the ground, being recommended its installation at least 1,55 meters high.

Made up of removable and interchangeable service panels that allows gas and water valves, electrical and data sockets to be fitted as required by the user. If changes are required, the panels also allows new configurations, thus offering great flexibility to your laboratory.

The service provision for the gallery is made through the ceiling, by fixation columns, with removable panels, thus allowing easy access in case of maintenance.

Built with the precision and robustness required for safe use, a LED light system up to 40.000h is installed on the underside. Optionally, the possibility of attaching the extraction arms to the gallery for isolated exhaustion.