The washing module is composed, essentially, by a sink unit with one (1) or two (2) sinks, with an anti-splash protection panel, supported by cabinets made of melamine wood, metal or stainless steel. Its purpose includes not only material washing, disposal and water supply, as well as the placement and separation of solid waste, as well as storage of laboratory equipment and chemicals products (according to EN 14.727) .
They are not suitable for storage of liquid acids, bases and flammables, pressure vessels and self-detonating or decomposed substances.

The washing module worktop can be made of different materials and is fully waterproof with a marine perimeter edge or anti-spill perimeter stroke and lateral drainer (sink units). It can integrate a mixing tap and an eye washer, for decontamination of the eyes in case of emergency.

The washing module is equipped with three (3) doors. Two (2) of them can be converted into drawers where waste disposal bins and S.C.A.T. disposal systems can be placed.