Pharmacy Benches

The pharmacy benches line was developed taking into account the adaptability, flexibility, ergonomics and ability to organize spaces, which are the main characteristics that determine the design of furniture for health professionals.

These pharmacy stands allow you to configure your workspace, responding to even the most specific needs, making it functional and efficient.


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Each lower module consists of a cabinet on a support and allows different work surfaces (worktops) to be installed. It can have the following settings:

 – Lower cabinet with 1 or 2 hinged doors;

 – Lower cabinet with 1 or 2 hinged doors with 1 shelf;

 – Lower cabinet with 1 hinged door, 1 drawer, with 1 shelf;

– Lower cabinet with 2 hinged doors and 2 drawers, with 1 shelf;

– Lower cabinet with 5 drawers;

– Open bottom cabinet with 2 shelves.

The upper module, in turn, comprises a wall-mounted upper cabinet with
the sloping top to allow visual inspection and to prevent the accumulation of dust or other objects. It can have the following settings:

 – Upper cabinet with 1 hinged door with 1 or 2 shelf(s);

– Upper cabinet with 2 swing doors with 1 or 2 shelf(s);

– Upper cabinet with 2 sliding glass doors with 1 or 2 shelf(s);

– Open top cabinet with 1 or 2 shelf(s).

Industrial Laborum Ibérica also integrates specific solutions enabling more complete and functional benches, namely:

 – Stainless steel sinks (1 recessed or 2 welded);

 – Stainless steel sink (built-in or welded);

 – Sinks and Baths for newborns in acrylic resins (Corian® type);

 - Hospital mixing taps;

 – Hospital cold water taps;

 – Bed to dress newborns (integrated into a piece of furniture);

 – Folding mattress for dressing newborns (to be placed on the worktop).

To complement the numerous configurations of pharmaceutical benches, Industrial Laborum Iberica also presents a wide range of components and auxiliary equipment.

The appearance of the furniture defines the image, aesthetics and ambience of the workspace. ILI has a versatile range of finishes, where trends and compliance with hospital equipment on the market are taken into account. When selecting materials and finishes for this furniture, the following criteria must be taken into account:

– Durability;

– Chemical resistance;

– Easy maintenance;

– Disinfection.

Worktops in hospital spaces are especially vulnerable surfaces.
Due to this condition, the selection of its material requires that characteristics such as maximum hygiene, asepsis and high chemical resistance and durability must be taken into account, in the face of daily and intense use.

Within these parameters, Industrial Laborum Ibérica offers various solutions in its hospital benches.

Are you looking for specific solutions for your company?

We are available to get in touch with you, as we also develop solutions other than those mentioned above.

Industrial Laborum Ibérica is a company with 44 years of experience in the market, which seeks to bring the quality factor to all laboratories. Through customers in the most diverse areas, such as health, education and different industries, ILI has acquired know-how that allows it to create solutions for the needs or requests of its customers. We are here to develop labs for people.