Additional Systems

Our additional systems have been developed to improve the performance of our fume hoods and ensure that they are handled in the best possible way. These additional systems include automatic windows, air supply systems and other kits that complement our fume hoods.

Greater Security

Better Functionality

Best Performance

Automatic Window

The automatic window system is a window control system, a window automation that allows, when combined with a VAV extraction system, a reduction in the cost of using the huge fume hood, because as soon as it is no longer while the window is open with high extraction flows it automatically lowers and reduces the extraction flow.

This system also allows that with just a slight touch up or down the window goes to the maximum or minimum height respectively. All this is automatic thanks to a system that involves several sensors; sensors for the presence of users and objects, as well as height sensors where the window is located, a central control box that compresses all the readings and presents the data to the user on the controller; finally we have the engine that fulfills all these actions. The controller allows us to parameterize the actions we want the window to perform for different situations.

The automatic window system is something that a laboratory, which values ​​the safety of its users and the safety of the space, must take into account. It is a system that prevents human errors that can sometimes occur in the case of, for example, leaving the window open while an experiment is taking place, which can contaminate the environment and put users in danger.


Air Flow System

The integration of the Airflow system in the Indlab and Indlab ENS fume hoods allows up to a certain amount of the air that is extracted by the fume hood to be returned to the room by the same fume hood. This system is a complement to the fume hoods, but it generates differences in the structure and composition of the fume hood, so when this system is used it is considered by Industrial Laborum as a fume hood differentiated from the others, in the case of the INDLAB AIRFLOW FUME HOOD.

This system makes the air insufflation in the room from which the fume hood is extracting, even insufflation inside the fume hood to improve the extraction performance.

In this complement to the fume hood, the insufflation volume is constant, but it is a complement that can be changed to be a variable air volume system through conventional VAV or through fans with speed variators. This system and this fume hood take some effort from the laboratory HVAC to monitor the conditions in which the fume hoods are operated and which can change at any time, putting the HVAC system in some effort.


The Fire-Trace system consists of an equipment for extinguishing fires that may occur inside the fume hood. It uses an exponential temperature recognition system and activates a chemical powder extinguisher that will expel from the top of the fume hood into its interior, thus extinguishing the fire.


The Atex Kit consists of a set of flameproof materials for the different fume hoods with Atex classification zone 1, zone 2, zone 21 and zone 22. Among these components we have the waterproof luminaire with two fluorescent lamps and a control panel for ventilation and lighting.

For zones classified as Atex 0 or 20, it is recommended that there are no electrical components, keeping only one entrance panel and the luminaire, passing all these components to the outside of the room, as zones 0 and 20 have a high permanence in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Automatic Washing System


FireTrace Kit

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Additional Systems Catalog - Fume Hood

Represented above we have all the kits that we can add to our fume hood so that we can work in a much safer environment capable of satisfying our needs. 

The Atex Kit and the Fire-Trace Kit are intended to increase user safety. The Atex Kit is designed for fume hoods that will work in potentially explosive environments, consisting of various electrical protection equipment. The Fire-Trace Kit consists of a fume hood protection device against fires with the power to extinguish fires that may occur inside.

The scrubbers for gases and water neutralizers consist of an extra fume hood equipment that carry out a washing of the gases, with filtering which results in a cleaning of the gases of the chemicals present. The water neutralizer balances the ph of the water that is discharged, whether it is more acidic or alkaline.

The chemical disposal system (SCAT) is a system that safely allows chemical discharge from the fume hood surface into a container through a funnel that prevents gases from being expelled and does not involve water contamination.

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