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Discover the best Storage Solutions for your workplace.

The storage solutions presented by Industrial Laborum Ibérica for the hospital and health sector have been developed for multi-professional functional units that provide personalized primary health care, such as public and private hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, health homes or households.

In this sense, in favor of the efficient and rational use of storage space, which translates into saving time and space, ILI designs its furniture by allowing for the possibility of integrating organization systems such as drawers and partitions.

Easy organization

Intuitive organization logic, allowing efficient access to resources.

Various solutions

We have great flexibility.

High resistance

Greater safety and easier cleaning, by preventing damage from falling products and others.

Catalog Organization and Storage Systems
Organization Systems Catalog

Industrial Laborum Ibérica has developed storage solutions according to the needs of its customers, which are divided into the following types: 

  • Drawer dividers
  • Shelf dividers
  • Trays with dividers for drawers
  • custom drawers
  • refrigerator drawers
  • ISO + DIN modules
  • Accessories

The systems provide storage solutions for any type of division, within different contexts: hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, wards and clinics.

Are you looking for specific solutions for your company?

We are available to get in touch with you, as we also develop solutions for areas other than those mentioned above. 

Industrial Laborum Ibérica is a company with 44 years of experience in the market, which seeks to bring the quality factor to all laboratories. Through customers in the most diverse areas, such as health, education and different industries, ILI has acquired know-how that allows it to create solutions for the needs or requests of its customers. We are here to develop labs for people.