Our Company

Connecting high-quality laboratories with people for 43 years.

Industrial Laborum Ibérica appeared in 1978 and since then it has been driving the laboratory industry. We are laboratory specialists but what we pride ourselves on is exceeding the expectations of those who work with our company. 

Over 43 years, employees have become friends, customers in partners and our laboratories in ways to achieve the future. 

We operate in several sectors, but the hospital, laboratory, education and pharmacy areas have a very important weight for our company. We develop customized solutions that will allow you to have the space you really need.  

Present in
5 continents
70 customers
20 projects
95 collaborators

Our Mission

We imagine a world where laboratories are capable of meeting everyone's needs. Whether in the laboratory, health, dental, education or pharmacy industry, we seek to humanize laboratories and maximize the quality of your workplace.  

It is through the commitment of our employees, the relationship with our partners and the ambition of our customers that we are able to develop laboratory solutions that last a lifetime.

Our history

Forty-three years of a history marked by many people, achievements, failures and learning. 

After appearing in 1978, the company quickly went through a process of very accelerated growth, being that it was the only manufacturer and distributor of furniture for laboratories in Portugal. Four years after entering the market, the number of active projects of the organization began to attract a lot of attention, thus marking a time of change in this industry in Portugal. 

It was with this growth in mind that, in 1998, Industrial Laborum Ibérica decided to optimize some of its processes and improve the attributes of its products, investing heavily in technology that would allow the organization to distinguish itself from the competition. 

Our company allowed the development of an industry that until now was marked by imports, in Portugal. He combined quality, resulting from a highly qualified workforce, with the founders' experience in related areas to bring excellent products and services to customers around the world. 


Foundation date

The company appears to combat a failure in the Portuguese industry. Until now, products from the laboratory sector were purchased from foreign companies. 



Four years after starting activities, we have consolidated our market position with multiple active projects. 



Adaptation is part of our DNA and to ensure consolidated growth, the organization has undergone some changes. 



With a presence in very different countries, the year 2012 proved to be an accumulation of achievements at national and international level. 


Our values



Sustainable development






We take certification seriously. Safety and quality are a priority for us.

Although trust has been something we have been working on since 1978, we guarantee our customers products and services certified by two world-renowned companies.

Licinio Teixeira

In charge of Locksmith Production

At Industrial Laborum Ibérica, that's where I started my professional activity and where 28 years later I still find myself. Such a long-lasting relationship is only possible when all conditions are created for that.


Monica Silva

Project Developer

Working at ILI has been one of the best experiences of professional and personal growth; it is part of a team that works focused with dedication and commitment to achieve the same goal. 

Do you want to know more about our company?

We always try to talk about everything, but sometimes more personal contact is irreplaceable. 

Industrial Laborum Ibérica is a company with 43 years of experience in the market, which seeks to bring the quality factor to all laboratories. Through customers in the most diverse areas, such as health, education and different industries, ILI has acquired know-how that is the perfect combination with each need or request of its customers. We are here to develop laboratories for people.