Articulating Arms and Atomic Absorption

The extraction arms and absorption hoods provided by Industrial Laborum Ibérica, together with solutions for extracting dust, exhaust, fumes and vapors directly at the source, protect users, the environment and your laboratory space.

Developed for laboratories, they are a fundamental part of safety in a laboratory environment with the aim of making localized extractions on the work surface, protecting the user.

Articulated arm

We present the localized extraction models, namely articulated arms and atomic absorption bells.

We have three different types of articulated arms that can be used in different situations:

– the original model with aluminum tubes;

– the antistatic ESD model;

– the model with high chemical resistance with polypropylene tubing.

For a complete order of articulated arms, three (3) components are proposed, namely, the arm, the support (fixation to the ceiling, wall or a false ceiling), and finally, the extraction hood.

We also present a more flexible solution of articulated arms with a filter system and fixing to the work surface. This solution does not need extraction ducts, which allows it to be easily moved to another workstation.

Finally, we have the atomic absorption hood, with an entirely stainless steel construction, with a telescopic arm adjustable in height and depth and with the possibility of wall or ceiling fixing.

Atomic Absorption Bell
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Catalog Articulating Arms and Atomic Absorption Bells

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