washing module

The implementation of a washing module is fundamental for the operation of any laboratory, and it is also important to guarantee the correct maintenance of the materials used during laboratory work.

The washing module essentially consists of a top with one or two sinks, with a splash protection panel, supported by cabinets made of melamine wood, metal or stainless steel. 

They are not suitable for storage of liquid acids, bases and flammables, pressure vessels and self-detonating or decomposed substances.

The top of the washing module can be made of different materials and is fully waterproof with a marine perimeter edge or spill-proof perimeter course and side drainer (sink). It can integrate a mixing tap and an eyewash for eye decontamination in an emergency.

The washing module is equipped with three (3) doors. Two (2) of them can be converted into drawers where waste disposal bins and S.C.A.T. disposal systems can be placed.

All the modules you need for your laboratory's logistics

Certain laboratories have a greater workload and, consequently, greater logistics. For this, we have developed a module for laboratory cabinets which, in addition to the washing module, has an area for the separation of waste and another that focuses on the collection and storage of waste. 

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Wash Modules on your laboratory bench

The washing modules are integrated into one of the ends of the laboratory benches.

Are you looking for specific solutions for your company?

We are available to get in touch with you as we also develop washing solutions for areas other than those mentioned above.

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